Wrong folder paths on device sync

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Wrong folder paths on device sync

Post by KingDogbert »

I'm syncing my FIIO X3. Since FIIO added playlist support I wrote a mediamokey script to generate the playlist files in the FIIO format. While debugging this script I noticed an issue with the MediaMonkey not consistently using the file properties I have provided to name the destination files and paths. This does not happen for all files only about 10% of them (of ~1900 files I had just under 200 issues which I have wasted far to long trying to brute force fix on the device and I'm afraid I would have to fix them again).

Screenshots available at
https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=6 ... lder%2cPNG

I'm using the current build ( last screenshot)

the source info in mediamonkey places the files in the Greatest Hits Folder (first screenshot)

the files do exist at this location on the NAS (second screenshot)

the sync configuration states to put the files at album artist\album\title (third screenshot)

but the files end up on the destination device in the wrong folder (fourth screenshot)

I have tried modifying the values on the source files in mediamonkey (changed the album name, band name, etc.) but this issue persists. This issue has persisted for many weeks including many restarts of mediamonkey, the PC and across mediamonkey versions (I updated to the version I think last week).

Although the sample posted are mp3 files, the majority of the library is flac and they have the same problem.

Please fix your code to use the current source information when syncing to a device.

Thank You
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Re: Wrong folder paths on device sync

Post by Peke »

Ha, Most likely MMW already recognize synched/existing files on L:\...\ in wrong folder and do not resync just point them to existing path.

Try to delete from library and ensure they are not listed on device and than resync.
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Re: Wrong folder paths on device sync

Post by KingDogbert »

Oh, no that's not it but thanks for the suggestion Peke.

I guess I should have stated that I format the microsd card before syncing every time. I have found that mediamonkey apparently doesn't clean up behind itself worth a damn and yes I did ask it to delete "unmatched files" (I forget the exact language).

BUG WORK AROUND Re: Wrong folder paths on device sync

Post by KingDogbert »

I spent a little more time looking into this and I will now confirm this is a defect in your software. I guess I expected someone to "look into" the issue but anyway...

In you DeviceTracks table you store the DevicePath. When I edit the song information in the application it does not update the value in this table. Therefore, when I try to sync my changes to the device, the songs still end up in the wrong place. I would expect this path value to be updated when I update the track info. At the least, I would expect it to update when I delete the tracks from the library and re-add them (it did not).

I resorted to installing SQLLite and modifying the values myself. Perhaps you would like to send me you source code so I can fix that for you too?

Re: Wrong folder paths on device sync

Post by Guest »

It seems I'm having the same problem (MM on Win7/MMA on Galaxy S5). Any news on this one?

It is my impression that not only sync paths are ignored but that also <Artist> and <Album Artist> fields are confused under certain circumstances - however, this may also be a subsequent error.

Actually, I see even more weird behavior once my music files are on my mobile (tagging seems to change when I copy the files from internal memory to SD card?), but to make sure this is real I'd like to have the first problem fixed so that I'm able to start from solid ground.

Any feedback appreciated,

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