Get MM to randomly transfer files

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Get MM to randomly transfer files

Post by brendansull »

Hi guys,
I hope this is the correct area for this thread.
Just a quick question regarding transfer of files to a sdhc card.
My main playlist is over 40gb, and in my Sansa I have an sdhc card that is just 16gb.
Now I could go and buy a bigger card...but just wondering is there a way to get MM to randomly select 16gb of music from this playlist. I can obviously do it myself, but a random selection would be handy.
Are there any scripts to support this?
All help appreciated

Re: Get MM to randomly transfer files

Post by Guest »

Go to Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync

Find SDHC card in the list; select and click on 'Configure'

Go to 'Auto-Sync (-->Device)' tab.

Check the box for 'Sync random subset of selected files up to device capacity'.

Select any other settings that you might want while you're there.
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Re: Get MM to randomly transfer files

Post by Lowlander »

Random Subset only works for Collections (which can reference a Playlist).

You can also create an AutoPlaylist limited to xGB referencing the Playlist you want synced.
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