Synching a mess

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Synching a mess

Post by umfunix »

I've bought the Android version and planning to buy the Gold desktop version, but syncing my desktop and Android is a hassle. Actually, I don't know what or where the problem is.

My music files were already on the SD card music folder, exactly the same folder structure of my desktop. Loading the desktop version and connecting to the Android, the desktop version wants to re-copy all the music files AGAIN (obviously not enough space on the 32GB SD card).

On retry, the SD card is "initialising" forever!

Am I missing something on this syncing issue?
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Re: Synching a mess

Post by Lowlander »

As MMW didn't sync the files it doesn't know that they're the same and thus needs to resync. Unless you set it to remove all media files not on the sync list (in the Device Profile in MMW) it will just sync the selected files without removing the existing files and thus you run out of space.

The key to sync is to let MMW/MMA do it and it will work so you will need to start with a clean slate. Do make sure both MMA and MMW are the latest release.
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