add ipod to library - SOLVED

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add ipod to library - SOLVED

Post by zephyr »

Hi, I don't know if this is an itunes thing, but I can't seem to add my ipod to my library anymore.

MM is unstable, so I removed the iphone_dll. It's reading the ipod's (when connected), but I no longer have options to add them to the MM library...

WOODIE (ipod 1) is currently connected, and can be seen at the bottom of nav pane... but no options to include it's contents in the MM library, like previously (missing contents of indexed Woodie in middle pane)


I don't have itunes installed, just the components

Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: fixed. I restarted the AppleMobile device, that cause the device to appear visible within MM's drives.
Attempted to index, no go.
Assigned a new drive letter with diskpart, changed attrib +h on ipod_control, indexed music (child of ipod_control containing all those stupid F folders)
Grateful noob