MM stuck at "preparing tracks" if comp shuts down while iPo

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MM stuck at "preparing tracks" if comp shuts down while iPo

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Subject: MM stuck at "preparing tracks" if comp shuts down while iPod attached

MM stuck at "preparing tracks" if computer has previously shut down while iPod attached

ISSUE: MM hangs at preparing list of tracks phase while syncing to iPod Classic
REPRO FREQ: Currently, 100%. Usually happens if computer powers down while iPod is connected.
WORKAROUND: None. Have to reformat iPod in iTunes and retransfer ALL files.
SYSTEM INFO: Windows 10586.420 (win 10). MM, iPod Classic 160GB (ticket ID: #ZTR-727-61539)

1) Attach iPod with some tracks on it to Computer
2) Allow computer to power down (try just pulling the plug)
3) Re-boot and attatch iPod
4) iPod appears as "scanning" in MM
5) Click to Auto-sync
6) MM gets stuck at Preparing tracks indefinitely and interface becomes very slow to respond.
Can't terminate the process within MM to stop preparing the tracks.

1) Debug log file (1 zip)
2) Zip file of requested iPod_control files (2 zips)


I'd love some info on how to fix this without having to restore my iPod classic every few days...