Device sync: Worn out and fed up

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Device sync: Worn out and fed up

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Why is syncing such a complicated chore??? I try to sync my Samsung phone about once a month or so and every single time there's a problem. This time around, when I start syncing on my Windows 10 version of MM, it says it's "preparing list of files", then after 10 minutes or so, a window pops up to say there's a connection problem and I have to reboot the Samsung which I do but then the same thing happens again. When I initiate the sync from the Samsung, another window pops up to say "Sync is waiting for other background operations to complete." This goes on forever until I lose all interest. For the record, all my music files on the Samsung A3 are stored on a 200GB SD card and I connect via USB.

I am fast thinking of going back to iTunes.
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Re: Device sync: Worn out and fed up

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Using MMW for syncing is outdated version and you should update to latest and you will have no issues.

Just like phone or system software both MMW and MMA (if you use it) needs to be updated in order to function properly.
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