Make Flash Drive look like iPod

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Make Flash Drive look like iPod

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My trusty old iPod classic finally bit the dust. Since the newer iPods don't have enough storage and are so much more expensive than a flash drive I decided to try that route. I have a newer Toyota vehicle with the entune entertainment system and putting it mildly, the flash drive interface is awful. The iPod one was fine and showed playlists and worked great. So my question is, is there a way to tell MM to sync the flash drive as if it was an iPod? I tried a couple of experiments by copying an iTunes library file to the flash drive and that actually works so if I could just get MM to create the iTunes library just like it does an ipod I think that would work. Any thought or help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Make Flash Drive look like iPod

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It's up to the car stereo to provide the interface, not your device. All you can control is the folder/filename structure used on your device (from Device Profile) which only matters if you use folder navigation to access the files.
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