Auto-Sync Adding Unselected Items -- Maxing Out Device

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Auto-Sync Adding Unselected Items -- Maxing Out Device

Post by Analyst12 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:26 am

I'm a new user with MM and have a large library of 15K songs and videos. I'm trying to sync up my 4th Gen iPod, but keep getting an "Insufficient Space" notification. The error report shows that MM is trying to load many videos (old TV shows from iTunes, YouTube conversions, etc.) even though they're not checked on any playlist.

iPod Configuration:
Capacity - 27.8 GB
Selected use space from checked music Playlists - 25.3 GB
Actual use - maxed capacity during each auto-sync

Auto-Sync (-->Device)
Music (Unchecked)
Classical Music (Unchecked)
Podcast (Unchecked)
Audiobook (Unchecked)
Video (Unchecked)
TV (Unchecked)
Playlists (Checked 25.3 GB of music - no videos)

During the sync prep, MM shows that the iPod should not exceed capacity (shows that there should be 2.4 GB free at the end of sync), but at the end of syncing, always shows that it's full up. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, apologies if this appears elsewhere on the forum. I tried searching, but the searchbar keeps locking out saying, "Unavailable -- try again in X# of seconds."

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Re: Auto-Sync Adding Unselected Items -- Maxing Out Device

Post by Analyst12 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:26 pm

OK -- I found the issue: the device had a lot of data on it that I couldn't see, and it was trying to add more through playlists.

0. At this point, I had already "unchecked" everything for the auto-sync (Tools --> Portable Device Sync --> [Device] --> Auto-Sync(--->Device))
1. I re-applied the steps from the syncing Wiki for iPod/iPhones ( ... zation/4.0)
2. In MM, I de-selected all the playlists and turned off ""Auto-Sync as soon as the device is connected" (Tools --> Portable Device Sync --> [Device] --> Summary)
3. I reconnected the iPod and selected the "hub" (for other new folks, it's the device Icon using your iPod name on the left navigator
4. While it showed no Playlists, I selected "Music" and found that the iPod was full from an earlier attempt. (4a and 4b below are my theories about what went wrong -- skip to 5 for next steps)
4a. Theory 1: After importing playlists from iTunes, I re-created the folder/sub-folder archive that I used in iTunes. I did not realize that the "root" playlist contained all the files from the subfolders. During an initial load, this is where the videos got copied without my realizing, as I was unchecking the subfolders, but MM was still trying to load the full root folder with all content, hence loading "unselected" content.
4b. Theory 2: I was fooled by iTunes and Windows explorer. After several unsuccessful tries, I went back to iTunes (being careful to still disable the auto-open for iTunes and keep manual management selected) and "gutted" the iPod content by deselecting all the playlists from the iTunes library. It *appeared* as though iTunes deleted existing content. I opened up the iPod in Windows explorer, but didn't see any files, so believed that they were deleted.
5. In "Music," I manually selected all the songs and right-clicked to remove them. The iPod was still loaded, so it took a while for MM to finish deleting the existing files.
6. After deleting them, I went back into the Device Profile and selected 25GB or so of playlists and music to add. (Note: I left "Sync random subset..." unchecked, and used "Delete other files and playlists..." with "All other media files" in the dropdown, for this round.)
7. I clicked "Apply" and "Auto-Sync"

And it's been working fine ever since. Haven't tested adding videos yet, but I think it'll be fine now that I know why it was overloaded and how to prevent it.

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Re: Auto-Sync Adding Unselected Items -- Maxing Out Device

Post by Analyst12 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:40 pm

Got it:

1. Check the device to see if files were uploaded during earlier attempts; also check to see if imported playlists have video files tucked away. (Mine were in the auto-generated "root" playlist for main folders in iTunes.) NOTE: There are many forum entries to address both of these. Very useful.
2. Turn off auto-sync for the device and the disconnect option after syncing
3. Select the device hub, then "Music," then all content to do a manual delete. Manually delete media files
4. Follow the instructions for iPod/iPhone syncing: ... zation/4.0
5. Reset the auto-sync options to recommended settings

And you're good to go! Mine's been working great since I realized that it was loaded from an earlier attempt. Hope this helps!

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