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One and the same portable device creates new profile once in a while

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:22 am
by Sammy_at_home
Dear all,

I use MM4.1.24 with a huge database to sync with my Xiaomi Mix, which works well most times. But once in a while, when I connect the device, the system suddenly creates a new device profile (i.e. Mix(1) instead of Mix) with standard configuration. Since this standard configuration has a completely different folder structure than the one I initially created, sync consequently leaves a big mess with double content and memory overload. Does anybody know why? And how can I solve it? Is there any way to enforce a certain combination of device and configuration profile? I only use one portable device, so I don’t need automatic device recognition. Or is it at least possible to adjust the standard configuration of a certain device profile that the new popping-up profile has at least the same configuration at the old one?

Hope I made myself clear, it’s a bit difficult to explain. Looking forward to read your advice. Thanks.