Finding an iOS app to cast to

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Finding an iOS app to cast to

Post by oldmankit » Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:26 pm

I recently installed FooBar2000 on a windows laptop and was amazed to see that i can cast directly to it from MMA. I had no idea that would be possible. What a great feature, as I can have my laptop tucked away in the corner of the room and control it from my phone. Yay.

I would love to be able to cast from MMA to iOS. (I want my iPad tucked away in the corner of the room controlled from my phone!) I tried googling and have tried six iOS apps that support UPNP or DLNA in some fashion, however as far as I can see, these apps will only allow my to connect to a server (such as MM for Windows), but they won't allow me to cast directly from Android.

I'm finding this a bit frustrating as I don't even know what to search for. UNnP Client (e.g. ... lients#iOS) apparently isn't specific enough. Castable doesn't appear to be a word.

If anyone can help me to to find a player in iOS that will accept orders from MMA, I would be really grateful, or at least what I should be searching for.