FIIO X3 Second Generation

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FIIO X3 Second Generation

Post by SpeakA01 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:02 am

I have a FIIO x 3 and have been struggling for two years to set up and get playlists working using recommended M3U software. Can anyone advise if Mediamonkey will work on a FIIO MP3 player to enable the music which is downloaded from iTunes to actually make a working playlist, where the playlist can actually find the music to play. Using the M3U and following all the instructions, it creates a playlist which I can see, and I can see the list of music in it, but when you click it to play it just says Cannot Locate the Song... This is on the SD Card. The music has been transferred to the FIIO via SD Card inserted in to a windows laptop, and copied across as iTunes FLAC files, which play perfectly ok on the FIIO, from their location on under the album or artist or genre, I just cant get them to play from a playlist created via drag and drop in M3U (even changing the Location to A: or FT1: as directed),. If Mediamonkey gold is easier to use, and will work I would be happy to purchase
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Re: FIIO X3 Second Generation

Post by Peke » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:38 pm

Based on FiiO X3 Manual it is not Android based FiiO device, but it is very possible that its native music App will support playback of M3U8 as imported from FiiO plugin, they should be available in External playlists as stated in ... Manual.pdf

Also Make sure you have latest firmware for your Device
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