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Device sync

Post by Jan358 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:24 am

I'm trying to sync MMW (Win10) to my MMA (S9), but I'm having 2 issues.

I keep my music in two folders- one for Christmas music, one for the rest. When I sync, the files aren't copied to the same file structure, but to a single folder. I've tried copying one at a time with the folder/filename path option, but MMW stil copies everything not just one of the folders. If there's a failure in the 20K files, a second sync goes through the same 20K items, which requires about 10-11 hours. How do I get my music in the same structure as in MMW? And, preferably, get a sync update in "minutes" if I've only changed a few tags?

Also, I thought I'd cleaned out the / in the artist and composer fields in MMW. But when I get to MMA, they're there - and now interpreted as a single field. I've also had artist names change- Beatles in MMW to The Beatles in MMA. I thought I turned off all the "find missing info from a DB" options, so there shouldn't be overwrites. I spent a lot of time cleaning the tags in MMW, so matching the data is important to me.

Any help to make this process smoother would be much appreciated!