Scripting idea: mood, occasion & multi-genre for ipod

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Scripting idea: mood, occasion & multi-genre for ipod

Post by treponem » Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:05 am

Hi there

I have an Ipod classic and the best Music Manager which ist out there - Mediamonkey.

Thanks to Musicbrainz with lastfmplus, I have tagged all my music with mood, occasion, multiple genre and so on.
But my ipod ist the weak point in this setup. It can't do anything other than playing playlists. The clean and handy structure of MM fails on the ipod, 'cause Steve Jobs appearantly hasn't that much music...

I'm using the 'Create playlists for child nodes' script, which does a good job by creating playlists for each mood/occasion I specify. On and I read that you can use a workaround for faking folder structures on the ipod by using html notes on the device.

My question: is it possible to elaborate the playlists-for-child-nodes-script to create the html files in the needed stucture to give the ipod folder structure abilities (using the note feature)? This would give MM a better support for the ipod than Apple can offer :D