Add-on creation / Documentation for beginners

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Add-on creation / Documentation for beginners

Post by thorsonb » Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:26 am

Where should I start!

I want to make a twitter plugin, so my MediaMonkey can tweet the songs that I am listening to...
I am aware that such a plugin exsist already known as the Twitter Plugin by, Nick Papanotas, but that plugin has its limitations.... I cant "do" what I want it to do!

Basically I'm stuck with way Nick made it..
I preffer to have my twitter plugin to tweet every 10 minutes, in the following format:
♪ Now listening to: <'Artist'> - <'Title'> ♫
♪ Now listening to: <'Artist'> - <'Title'> from the album tittled "<Album>" ♫
I have read the twitter API stuff, now I need the MediaMonkey stuff!

Any help would be highly appreciated.
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Re: Add-on creation / Documentation for beginners

Post by rovingcowboy » Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:55 am

go to monkeys wiki site for scripting just click the addons page link at the top of this page and then click on scripts it will show you the monkeys wiki page for scripting.

if not able to get what you need there then ask for help from one of the scripters in the scripting forum for creaters. :)
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Re: Add-on creation / Documentation for beginners

Post by fizzjob » Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:04 am

You could fairly easily modify my Growl script to do that. The Growl script just calls a command-line Growl notifier - changing it to use a command-line Twitter client (like this) should be fairly simple.

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