play track from file

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play track from file

Post by broekhuis » Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:45 pm


Hi can I play a track from a file using OLE automation.
I guess I have to create a playlist first. How do I add a song (by filename) to the playlist?
I have no music to the database (because I use another database and need MM only for playing the songs).

Regards, Gerrit

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Re: play track from file

Post by rovingcowboy » Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:07 am

8) monkey's a database first and a player second. he allows you to use winamp to play the songs with or his built in player.

using winamp you do not get the features that you do when you use his built in player.

when you play a song with monkey he will add it to his database.

when you move a song from out side of monkeys controll after he has it in his database, he will not be able to play it
and when you try he will turn the song gray in his listview area showing you he don't know where the song is?

so no matter what if you want to use another database and play music then monkey won't do it for you because he will add them to his database. he does not keep playlists as other players do. he keeps them in his database. he can handle large to insanely large librarys that way. which all other players choke on the over 50 gb library's monkey does not, he will handle i think up to unlimited size of library.

has better way to tag with the extra scripts that were wrote for use with him and still more features being added and scripted for use.

why would anyone need to use any other database program? monkey is the best one there is. sure some systems have
trouble but some systems are being used in different ways then what was thought of doing with monkey. and some are smaller then need to be for use with what everything they are used for by the users. so those seem to have the most issues. if you have the space and the computer speed then there are less issues. plus different hardware sometimes causes issues.
but those are the same for every program.

so you should figure out what you want to use a multiple set up of programs just to play music that will be slow in doing what you want to do, when compaired to mediamonkey's speed.

or use mediamonkey and enjoy the features of his that you use.

me i have been using monkey on my jukebox for 5 to 7 years now non stop. i only just stopped it in middle of november last year because i changed the hardware out and got the xp system in it.
i have been using mediamonkey 3 on several computers with xp pro sp3 on and still with mm 2.5 on them aswell. so its working well for me here.

only a few bugs now and then.

one thing i would suggest is this.

find on the forum or monkeys support site links a link to download mm 3.0 and then get it first. then don't put anything in database or get any extra stuff. just get the next released versioin from there and over install it on to mm 3.0 then go on with that until you get to mm or the current released version.
then you should start adding the songs in and using it.

that is what i was doing with mediamonkey 3. and never got the bugs and errors others were getting..
the others were doing first time download and installs.

i just did that first time download and install on that new jukebox system i mentioned and it has been giving me all the bugs and errors the others had been getting so i think monkey needs to be over installed from one of the older versions not to get the bugs and errors. but i don't know which mm 3 version that would be so i said to go to the start of mm 3.

but don't over install mm 2.5 with mm 3.x because that will cause you mega tons of errors because mm3 does not clean out the mm 2.5 files. and they mess up mm 3.x

or you could just do the first time downlaod and install of mm 3.2 and try to get any bugs you find reported to support so they can fix them.

roving cowboy / keith hall. My skins ... =9&t=16724 for some help check on Monkey's helpful messages at ... 4008#44008 MY SYSTEMS.1.Jukebox WinXp pro sp 3 version 3.5 gigabyte mb. 281 GHz amd athlon x2 240 built by me.) 2.WinXP pro sp3, vers 2.5.5 and vers 3.5 backup storage, shuttle 32a mb,734 MHz amd athlon put together by me.) 3.Dell demension, winxp pro sp3, mm3.5 spare jukebox.) 4.WinXp pro sp3, vers 3.5, dad's computer bought from computer store. )5. Samsung Galaxy 5 Android 5) 6. Proscan tablet Android 4.3 ) 7. amd a8-5600 apu 3.60ghz mm version 4 windows 7 pro bought from computer store.

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Re: play track from file

Post by broekhuis » Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:49 am

Hi rovingcowboy,

Thanks for your enthousiastic comments. I'm sure I 'm going to appreciate MM More and More.
I have developed a database application years ago that satisfies my need. I now use WinAmp to play my music, but the audio quality is not always as good as possible. So far MM seems to do a better job, with stereotools plugin installed, on my NAD amplifiers, with Terratec DAC, B&W 684 speakersystem, and additional subwoofer.

I will continue trying to make MM do what I want and reach audiophile quality.

Regards, Gerrit

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Re: play track from file

Post by Melloware » Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:56 am

broekhuis wrote:I have no music to the database (because I use another database and need MM only for playing the songs).

I agree with rovingcowboy. MM is a Database and Organizer first but an AWESOME music player second. Just give MM a full chance to run your entire Music life like I did and soon you will be finding that you use other Music tools less and less.

Everyday you will find something new in MM that makes your life easier and be like "wow I can't believe it does that too!". Plus if there is anything it can't do there is an awesome script writing community here and some really passionate MM fans like rovingcowboy, bex, trixmoto, nohitter etc.
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