Varible speed playback

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Varible speed playback

Post by OwenSmith731 »

I was wondering if there is going to be any development of a varible speed playback.

I listen to a lot of speech and a double or triple speed playback would be a great help to listen to loads of dictation.
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Re: Varible speed playback

Post by Peke »

Try one of these

After install they can be enabled in tools -> Options -> Player -> DSP plugins
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Re: Varible speed playback

Post by Muad'Dib »

I'm using MM v3.25.1306 on a Windows XP Pro system, and I just tried all 8 of the plugins listed (Chronotron, PaceMaker, AUdioMaker, Fourier Pitch Tempo Control, AtomixBPM, Slow Me Down, Nullsoft DSP Effects & NT Pitch), I also tried "Take It Easy" recommended on another thread. None of these plugins worked well.

The best of the group, Chronotron (the non-freeware of the group), functioned properly most of the time, but the fidelity of the audio was noticeably poorer than the normal speed playback (even if I only increased the tempo by 5%). If it was free, I might consider using it until I found something better, but at a purchase price of $25 after 15 days, I've already uninstalled it. The other programs either don't work at all, kept crashing, or produced audio quality that is total garbage to listen to.

I know that such adjustments are possible. Using ALShow v1.7.0.3, I can increase the playback speed of several video file formats by up to 20% without noticeably affecting the quality of the audio (unfortunately, newer versions of that program don't increase the playback speed properly, and the publisher ( has ignored bug reports about this problem). And even using my ancient WinDVD v5 from 2002, I can play both DVDs and video files at speeds from 80% to 120% of normal and have the audio sound fine, so I don't understand why someone can't do the same for audio only files on a PC.

Audiobooks are what I listen to most of all, and not having the ability to speed up (or sometimes slow down) their playback is something I truly miss. Hasn't someone discovered a way to adjust the playback speed within MediaMonkey that still produces good quality audio?
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