MM Database Entry - Where is HDD Location?

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MM Database Entry - Where is HDD Location?

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Hi Guys,

I was unsure which forum to put this.
I have been working on creating an external application in C/C++ with sqlite3 that can edit the MM.db at startup and shutdown. Currently everything is working swimmingly but I am unsure where to find the actual media device (Drive letter) that is used at the front of "SongPath" in the "Songs" Table. Would I be correct in that I link the "IDMedia" from the "Songs" Table to the "Medias" table and that the "IDMedia" value is just an incremented value for each media device that is added?

I am doing this all outside of MM so I can run the application at startup and shutdown! :)
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Re: MM Database Entry - Where is HDD Location?

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Re: MM Database Entry - Where is HDD Location?

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