How to access Collections

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How to access Collections

Post by bakker_be »

Hi there,
how can I access what's the content of a collection? I'm trying to make a MS Access front-end allowing me to more easily create and manage collections for the summer festivals I attend. I've found that the collections themselves are in the "Filters" table, but I can't seem to find how I can influence or even determine their content ...
Thanks for any pointers
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Re: How to access Collections

Post by mcow »

I haven't done this, but looking at the documentation for SDB.DataBase (SDBDataBase), you can do two things with the Filter ID value:

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SDB.Database.ActiveFilterID = collectionID      # sets an "active filter," which I think means all subsequent
                                                # queries are applied only to the tracks in the collection

SDB.QuerySongs( GetFilterQuery(collectionID) )  # returns a list of all the tracks in the collection
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Re: How to access Collections

Post by Peke »

Check Submit options from Plugin options and you can see example on how to read and handle filters/collections.
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