Keeping script dialog on top

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Keeping script dialog on top

Post by chrisjj » Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:57 pm

How can generate an app-modal MsgBox from VBS script running in MM?

Adding vbApplicationModal thus:

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' MsgBox "test" ,vbApplicationModal,"test" 
fails to make the box app modal.

I have a VBS script run from MM that shows a dialog box (using MsgBox) and though when this appears it is on top, if the mouse wanders over a tooltipped control in the inactive MM window behind, MM shows a tolltip (presumably a bug) which brings the MM window in front of the dialog. I want the dialog to stay visible, and am happy that MM accepts no input meanwhile, so app modal seems a good solution. Alternatively if there's an 'always on top of app's other windows' option, I'd like to hear.