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New Monkey Mate

Post by bensynnock » Thu May 26, 2016 1:33 pm

Hello everybody,

This is the new version of Monkey Mate. I have uploaded it to a server so that anybody who is interested can have a look and give me some feedback before I submit it to the MediaMonkey add-ons section. I'd really appreciate any feedback anybody has, and feel free to criticize but please try to be constructive.

Monkey Mate is a playlist generator that imports data directly from your MediaMonkey database, does some calculations, and outputs playlists directly back into MediaMonkey. It analysis your music collection by album, calculates a point score for each album, and then uses that score to determine the tracks to put into various playlists. The way that the point score is calculated and how the playlists are made up is customizable.

Points are calculated using the sum of four components. These components are:
The average rating of the album
The average playcount of the album
The date each track in the album was last played
The date the album was added to the database

Each component is calculated using variables and modifiers that can be set by the user.

The points calculation essentially results in an 'album chart' of your music collection, which is then used to create a variety of types of playlists.

When I originally designed this version of Monkey's Mate the idea was that it would have a very minimal interface and that editing of settings would involve using a simple text editor (such as notepad). Since then I have added a very simple editor to make it a bit more user friendly, although I still prefer to use a text editor myself.

When you first run Monkey Mate it will create a folder named 'Monkey Mate 6' in the My Documents folder, which will contain a 'Settings' folder containing an example file. Just click the 'Run Now' button and let it do it's work. Depending on the size of your music collection and the speed of your PC it may take a little while - I have about 500000 tracks and it takes about an hour to run the process on my machine.

Thanks for reading and downloading. I'll check back on this thread for any questions or feedback. ... sp=sharing