Work in progress - Modify Play Counter via script

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Re: Work in progress - Modify Play Counter via script

Post by nynaevelan »

rrfpacker wrote:I was actually talking about this particular script as it seems there are a couple versions along with other people's modifications. Looks like only the Set Playcount works for me, not the Reset Playcount. Does that mean that this script and AddRemovePlayStats are redundant?
Sorry I thought you were asking about all the various playcount adjusting scripts. But as far as redundancy I am not sure because I have not used this one in a very long time but ARPS does have a reset feature and a set playcount feature.
rrfpacker wrote:However, I have played with AddRemovePlayStats quite a bit today, along with others, to reset all of my tracks at once (I've been practicing on just artists today), since I will begin to fill my library soon. Looks like AddRemovePlayStats only has a couple actions that change more than one track at a time. I'll have to deal with that.

One other thing. I noticed that MR does not completely agree with the Playing History & Stats node. A couple counts are off by one (not a biggee) but MR has two artists in the top 10 that I wiped out their playcounts.
Have you restarted MM, I've noticed from time to time that MR will only reset the stats when I either restart MM or change modes, since I very rarely change modes I usually see the adjustments once I've restarted MM. But I'm almost positive MR only counts the plays from the Songs table, ARPS could vary depending on which feature you are using. Some adjusts both the Songs and Played tables and some only adjust one or the other table. Look at the first post, I think Bex explains how each feature makes the adjustments.
rrfpacker wrote:Does it make sense to reset remove all plays if I reset the playcount? Is that the issue in MR?

Guess I have more to learn about these relationships.
If you are removing all the playcounts then you should also remove all the plays from the played table also. If it was me, I would post a request in the SQL Viewer script forum to ask Bex for a SQL statement that would wipe them all out in one batch rather than using the script, which could become very time consuming. But look in that forum, maybe there is already a SQL statement that would meet your needs.

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Re: Work in progress - Modify Play Counter via script

Post by rrfpacker »

Thanks, nyn, you have again helped me out.

Looks like my issue with MR stats was "plays". Once I deleted them MR adjusted. So looks like MR uses plays in a table instead of the playcount. Now I need to figure out that relationship!

I will consider your suggestion in the SQL viewer forum. I need to make sure I don't sound like a dunce.

Back to the first post of ARPS for info. Thanks again.
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