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Tagging help (Search Sites) LISTING

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:01 pm
by Peke
Topic For adding's to list is in this post

Mediamonkey Wiki On Tagging Search Sites

Links/Suggestions From Users:
CIAO! Die shopping community:(Example Of Search of CD I own)
Gracenote CDDB
Tesco Entertainment

Diabolic-Destiny (amazon)
Google/Yahoo Images ... /index.htm

Collection of LRC Lyrics: ... lyrics.htm

More LRC Lyrics:

powerpill-pacman is very good for all kinds of electronic music (not euro-dance or other chart-electronics) also for electronic music.
Both mostly have large cover artworks to download.

mattisse (great for old vinyl releases - LPs and Singles)

steelydan (If there is an album cover out there, this search engine will find it, mostly) (Clean album cover site. German, but easy to use nonetheless)

Huge collection of covers: (Once registered you can also upload yours)