Bug with ISDBTree::AddNode during start-up? [MM3]

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Bug with ISDBTree::AddNode during start-up? [MM3]

Post by ZvezdanD »

If used in the OnStartUp, sometimes it works correctly, but sometimes don't, especially if it is used with NodePosition = 1 and ParentNode = some_of_MM_built-in_nodes. I think this depends of the node caption. Here is an example:

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Dim CustomNode
Set CustomNode = SDB.MainTree.CreateNode
CustomNode.Caption = "Drive type"
SDB.MainTree.AddNode SDB.MainTree.Node_Location, CustomNode, 1
Node is created not immediately after Location, but randomly (most of the time as last node of the Library). The same script code works fine in MM2.

Anybody noticed similar?
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Re: Bug with ISDBTree::AddNode during start-up? [MM3]

Post by PetrCBR »

Hi. Please send me an example script (petr < att > mediamonkey < dott > com).
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