SQL statement for 'Last Played' date?

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SQL statement for 'Last Played' date?

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I'm attempting to modify a script that's suppose to insert the "Last Played" date using the following SQL statement:

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strDummyDate = Now
strSQL = "INSERT into Played (IdSong, PlayDate) values (" & itm.ID & ",'" & strDummyDate & "')"
Unfortunately, strDummyDate isn't being inserted. The format of the date that I'm importing will be 2008-10-19 06:00:00. I thought I'd simply find an example or two from existing scripts but the ones I've tried aren't working and I'm not sure if it's because the SQL statement is wrong or that the date is formatted wrong. Could someone perhaps advise me on my SQL statement and if the format of the date needs changing.

I'm writing this for MM2 even though my sig shows MM3.


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Re: SQL statement for 'Last Played' date?

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This should work: (Not tested)

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DummyDate = Cdbl(Now)
DummyDate = Replace(DummyDate,",",".") 'Many locales uses comma as decimal separator
strSQL = "INSERT INTO Played (IdSong, PlayDate) values (" & itm.ID & "," & DummyDate & ")"
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