MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v1.51 2008-02-08

Post by onenonymous »

I'm working on an update to this script. I could add the ability to save the Amazon ASIN number, and/or MusicBrainz IDs for Album, Album Artist, Artist, and track into one of the custom fields. I'll give the ability to select which custom field. Is this data of interest to anyone? (ie is it worth my time to do the coding?)

Thanks for any responses as well as any other suggestions.

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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by onenonymous »

Script is updated

Version 2.0 March 29, 2009 Installer for v 2.0
- Added a settings dialog box to configure various options. Button is on the top right corner (see screen shot below)
- Fixed the previous artificial limit on number of albums to return. Now you can define exactly how many albums to list in the results. Note that MusicBrainz returns results in groups of no more than 100, so entering more than 100 will add to the time to process. In my testing, it's not noticeable, but on a slow computer or internet connection it may be noticable. Default is 100, change it in the settings dialog if you wish.
- Added ability to limit the albums returned based on the result 'score' for each search. MusicBrainz scores the search results on a scale of 0 to 100. Setting this to 100 will return only exact matches. Setting to 0 will return everything no matter how loosely it matches the search. Default is 0
- Added option to show the results in the search results drop down in Alphabetical order or descending order by the score for the album.
- Added an option to have the score display in the search results drop down.
- Added ability to have the Album Title tagged into the Album Title tag, Original Album Title tag or both.
- Added ability to have the Artist tagged into the Artist tag, Original Artist tag or both.
- Added ability to have the Year tagged into the Year tag, Original Year tag or both.
- For the Year tag, it will now tag the full date if MusicBrainz has it, otherwise it will tag just the year
- Added ability to have the Lyricist tagged into the Lyricist tag, Original Lyricist tag or both.
- Added ability to have the release type tagged into one of the Custom fields, Grouping, ISRC, or Comments. See for details on the release type. Note that ability to save into Custom 4 or 5 was introduced in MM beta version If you have a previous version, you won't have these as options.
- Added ability to have the Country tagged into one of the Custom fields, Grouping, ISRC, Comments or Publisher field. If you choose the Publisher field and you also tag the Publisher, it is entered in parentheses after the Publisher. The default if you don't change it is Publisher.
- Added option to always replace existing tags. When checked, it will delete any existing info already in the tag(s) even if the results for any tag(s) didn't find any data. If not checked and a tag has no results, existing info in the tag is preserved.
- Added checkbox to "Troubleshooting - Show XML". If checked, this will open each XML page in your external browser as they are found. Normally you will not check this unless you're interested in the underlying XML code for some reason. I use this for troubleshooting. Default is not checked.
- Added button to "Show Now" - this will open the XML page for the last search result in your external browser. Again - use this for troubleshooting only.
- Added logging throughout the script. You can turn logging on or off, view the log file or delete the log file.
- Adding logic to parse the Genres returned to identify which are already in your database and which would be new. Most of the code for this was by SatinKnights. You now have two check boxes for Genre - one for existing and one for New. Below these, each genre returned from the search will have its own checkbox so you can choose individual genres, all or none as you wish. Existing genres are capitalized as they are already in your database. New genres are given initial letter capitalization. In the display, the new genres are italicized to differentiate them from the existing ones.
- Added ability to tag the track # independently of the Track title
- Added timer into the MusicIP code so that it doesn't hang up indefinitely. If it doesn't find a PUID within 30 seconds, it will assume there isn't one and go on with the other searches.
- Added a timer to display the search window immediately on launch of Web Tagger. Previously, it would wait for the MusicIP results before even appearing, which made it seem to not be doing anything.
- Miscellaneous other minor tweaks to code and underlying html.

Image Image
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by Bex »

Impressive update, onenonymous! :D
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by nohitter151 »

Yeah, thanks for the update! This script is so good I don't even use Amazon as a source anymore!
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by jonp »

Thanks for the update!
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v1.2 2008-11-26

Post by Germo »

Bex wrote:Try this:
Avoid "Product installation error"
- Vista Users:
- - To be able to install scripts you must Run MM as an administrator.
- - It means that you must right click the MM icon and select "Run as administrator" even if you are logged in as an administrator.
- All Users:
- - Check in your task manager that you only have one instance of MediaMonkey.exe running.
it dosn't work.
MM was started as admin, there is no other instance of MM (I opend the taskmanager also as administrator)
but if I run the mmip file, a second MM opens, setup fails.

before trying to install the MusicBrainz Tagger I installed the last MM beta (
So I don't know is it a MM problem or a plugin problem.
In the past I was able to install another plugin ( scobbler) running as administrator, but this was not the beta, but the last release.
Is there another way to install a plugin from inside MM?

update: I want to explain what I mean with "setup fails":
when installing there is an error message about failing to install.
but I can see it in MM menu > tools (Extras) > extentions (Erweiterungen)
But in the auto-tag there is no new option, and in MM option I can't find anything about this plugin :-(

Update and solution

I think this if the MM is installed in the default program files folder.
Because if I want to uninstall the plugin there is an error, the file to uninstall is missing in the program files/... folder.
This is because of the "security features" from Vista with virtual stores and so on :-(

I uninstalled MM

This is my solution using MediaMonkey with extensions / plugins on Windows Vista:
I installed MM not into the default program files folder but into a _normal_ folder without "Vista security"
for example E:\Program Files\MediaMonkey
Now I can install plugins even without running MM as administrator and I get no errors.
And at least I see the MusicBrainz Tagger in the options :-)

Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by golojap »

You can also simply Turn your user account control off ... and it will install fine in the standard directory. Once the script is installed, it is recommended to turn user control back on.
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v1.51 2008-02-08

Post by RobertSmith »

This is a great script! The only reason I have used Picard is that I also want to store PUID in a custom tag (for all tracks), but I'm now storing PUID in a batch job, see Determine duplicates by how they sound using GenPUID So no need for Picard, Thy!!
onenonymous wrote:I'm working on an update to this script. I could add the ability to save MusicBrainz track ID into one of the custom fields. I'll give the ability to select which custom field. Is this data of interest to anyone?
It could be useful especially when searching for genres at using Genre Finder 4.0 (replay about mbid). But that is obviously something for trixmoto to decide so pls contact him before you start the coding.

I don't know if it possible but since MBz is updated continuously it would be nice to scan library (or part of) and compare it with current MusicBrainz. The result should be present in a similarly list as the below window. To due this (fast) mbid for album (and maybe tracks) should be stored.

Maybe it is possible to get Original Date from this query?

Publisher: Change i.e. Album Official to Album official (lower case 2nd word)

I don't know of it's this plugin or "Auto-Tags from web" but I have some problems with toggling artist/tracks on/off.

How does existing genres works (sometimes I see them, sometimes not) ?
Instead of sort existing genres alphabetic, is it possible to leave them as they are (I have the main genre first).

No big deal but when I compared what was stored in Involved People I saw that Picard was saving producer:Vincent Herbert for this mbid, which type/attributes are you include in Involved People?

-Parses xml for Involved People, Composer and Lyricist for each track and shows those if present. Allows you to save to the Involved People tag
Does this mean that Involved People, Composer etc. shows in the lower windows if they were returned from the search (and I can decided to up-date as usual)

Maybe you could add an option to lookup and save PUID for each track in CustomX tag (skip the look-up if there already is a stored PUID in CustomX)? This option takes longer time and should not be checked by default.
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by bmilner »

This is quite possibly the single greatest new piece of code written for MM after the "auto increment #'s" script. I used to it to decode a huge batch of random ambient music I got off the web that was extremely poorly labeled. It also did wonders for a batch I got that had the correct artist and songnames but NOT the correct album names (they were all set to one wrong thing.) This script enabled me to go through figure out the right album names for every single track in a few hours. I'd been working on that by hand via the amazon links for days and days (and was stumped on 1/2 of them...).


Minor suggestions:
1. Make it more visually obvious when there is an exact match (i.e. Music IP) versus just searching on the artist name etc. It's at the bottom of the window and sometimes hard to notice that "hey this isn't an exact match... I'm guessing!"

2. Don't know if this is possible but have it fall back to amazon if the album art is missing from MB? Otherwise I have to tag a track from musicbrainz then close the window, re-get-tag-from-web, change provider to amazon, etc.

Again, this rules. It's worth a donation to you it's so awesome.
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by limex »

Way much better than seaching with Amazon. TOP! THX
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by Isidore »

Best auto-tag option out there for MediaMonkey by far imho. ;)
Tried everything out there from default Amazons to MusicIP & everything
in between but have settled for this one.
It is a perfect balance between manual work and automation.

MusicIP is definately the lazy-people's choice but due its intuitiveness
and automatic process I found many of my tracks had different albums
assigned to it despite the tracks all beloning to the same album along
with other similar inconsistencies.

Long -> short, keep it up this thing rocks and scripts like these is what
makes and keeps MediaMonkey the best music manager/player.
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by indsat »

I would agree that being able to save the PUID in one of the Custom Tags would be a great feature.

Also I found the GENPUID did not return PUID correctly due to Hard Loop. I made the following change in MusicBrainzTagger.vbs to get around the problem.

' wsh.Run cmd & " >" & sXMLpath, 0, False
wsh.Run cmd & " >" & sXMLpath, 0, True

Timer loop uses 100% CPU and GENPUID will never complete. Unfortunatley a SLEEP sleep Function in the Loop can not be used due to the limitations of the VB runtime. There may be a MM3 function to fix this but I did not search it out.

endTimer = Timer + 15
do until fso.FileExists(sXMLpath) or (endTimer < Timer)
'Timer Loop to ensure this doesn't hang up
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by vkelman »

I downloaded latest version of MusicBrainz Tagger (v2.0) from your link. However, attempts to install it produce installation script error with my latest MediaMonkey Gold.
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by Vyper »

You need to load MM as administrator and then run the installation file.
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Re: MusicBrainz Tagger [MM3] v2.0 2008-03-29

Post by Isidore »

suddenly not working.

Anyone else getting freezes?
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