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Discogs Tagger 3.62 (Updated: 2013-02-09)

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:35 am
by Let
Discogs Tagger script gets track/album information from using XML API. It is the successor of macrbest's Discogs Auto-tag Web Search Script. With compared to its predecessor, new version has additional capabilities such as direct release, master release, artist, label loading, individual track selection, filtering, alternative searches etc..

Currently crap_inhuman is maintaining this script.

Latest installer can be obtained from the addons page through the download link. If you get errors or have problems during or after the installation, try installing the script after starting MediaMonkey with administrative rights (right click, run as administrator).

MM updater is supported and can be used for upgrading to latest version (Tools->Extensions->Find Updates) . Running the latest installer will also upgrade to latest version.

Script can be uninstalled from Extensions (Tools->Extensions->Uninstall) .

Recommended Usage:

A - Tagging
1. Right click on the folder that contains the album/single (release) and click on "Auto-tag from Web".
2. For enabling the script, you will need to select "Discogs Tagger" from options in the right corner (only once).
3. Discogs tagger screen will show up.
4. You can change options. You can remove checks for unwanted information (for example composer).
5. Once you save the options, they will be loaded as default on each time you make a new search.
5. If all music files are matching and correct then continue to next step, otherwise use methods described in section B and C.
6. Press "Auto-Tag" button and tag tracks. Press "Close" button once finished.

B - Finding the release
1. If there are no results, or completely wrong results, problem might be the search string. Use "Quick Search" to change the search string. Although there are plenty of alternatives offered, it is possible to type into the bar at the top and click on search button. Hint: Searching unique identifiers such as barcode number, catalog number etc. will help finding the release.
2. If the release is correct but some tracks were missing/matching wrong, then it's time to test for different versions of the release. One method is to try selecting a different result from the very top combo box to see if you can find the exact release. Other method is to use filters,it's possible to filter results by media type, country and/or year, whichever you know. After applying filters, you will get less and more accurate results.
3. You can use load combo box to switch load mode to master release, artists releases or labels releases. This would help you to locate the correct release faster.
4. If you still couldn't find the release, then it's time to go to discogs web site to locate the release. Once found just paste the release id or release url into search bar at the top and press search to directly load the release. The quickest way to find a release id is clicking on release id on the results page which will open release page at Clicking "All Versions of this Release" link will load master release and bring all versions of that release. Search bar also accepts artist, label and master release urls, which might be useful.
5. If your release is not is listed in, it's best to add that release to discogs database (so that you will also help others) and use that release id to tag your tracks.

C - Matching the tracks
Sometimes, tracks do not match correctly. Then you might need to correct some tags to help matching.
1. Track name determines the matching Cleaning titles and putting track names will provide you exact matching.
2. Selecting individual tracks and tagging them separately is tricky but it will also work.
3. If file names are good enough, another effective option is to right click on the folder and use "Auto-tag from Filename".
4. Matching can become impossible in case of tracks with exactly same names (eg: release with all tracks are "Untitled"). Strategy for such releases is to disable track# field combo box and leave track# as it is (which is better than putting a wrong track #).

D - Organizing the files/folders
1. Right click on the folder that contains the album/single (release) and click on "Auto Organize Files".
2. Decide a format to organize your files according to your tastes. I use the following format:
"..\<Album Artist> - <Album> (<Year>)\<Disc#><Track#:2>. <Artist> - <Title>"
3. Press OK and confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Artist and label links with postfixes like ",The" or "(n)" doesn't work or link to a wrong artist/label
A: This is a known bug/feature. Artist names are corrected by removing those parts.

Q: I get the following error: "Cannot query the web site - DTD is prohibited."
A: Open web site with Internet Explorer and login to your account. This will create a session which will be used during MSXML queries.

Q: I get the following error: "Cannot query the web site - System error: -2146697206"
A: Your antivirus software might be blocking mediamonkey/discogs/msxml traffic. You can use it by disabling antivirus software or adding exception/permission/whatever.

Q: How can I view "Discogs compliant" involved people properly?
A: You can use involved people node plugin.

Revision History:

V3.62 (09.02.2013) by crap_inhuman
- Insert code for supporting french language machines
- Removed bug: Comments will now be saved
- Delete some unused but declared variables
- New Name for ArtistRole (feat. or ft. or featuring, or whatever) can be edit (The Renaming of the ArtistRole is selectable)
- The Renaming of "Various" Artists (Various Artists) is now selectable
- Some small bugfixes

V3.61 (09.02.2013) by crap_inhuman
- Removed a bug in the option 'Featuring Artist behind title'
- Better implementation of the option 'Featuring Artist behind title'
- Inserting Master and Release URLs now work in the Search-Panel

V3.6 (05.02.2013) by crap_inhuman
- Implementation of eepman's great JSON-Parser
- Now read the user-specific Separator characters and use it for separating
- Label / Artist / Master Search now using the JSON Parser too
- Some bugfixes

V3.5 (25.01.2013) by crap_inhuman
- Now you can choose which Custom Tag will be used for the Tags: ReleaseID, Catalog, Country and Format
- The "Credits for ExtraArtists in tracks" will now saved in MediaMonkey !
- Added option for "Add Leading zero to Tracknumbers"
- Added option for "Include Producer"
- Added JSON Parser for the new Discogs-API
- Some bugfixes (Filter now working correct)
- Added the option to choose the place for Featuring Artist (Artist or Title)
- e.g. Aaliyah - We Need a Resolution (ft. Timbaland) -or- Aaliyah (ft. Timbaland) - We Need a Resolution
- Changeable Name for "Various" Artists (Various Artists)
- Added option for "Adding comment"
- Get OriginalDate from Master-Release if available
- The Script now reads the saved Discogs Release-ID from the choosen Release-Tag

V3.3 (10.11.2011)
- API V2.0 Support (XML Only)
- Load type selection (Search results, master releases, artists releases, labels releases)
- Direct url load support for master, artist and labels
- Several bugfixes

V3.2 (08.07.2011)
- Mediatype combobox is divided into Media and Format combo boxes
- Small album art save function is fixed
- Long country names are removed or shortened
- Error messages on search bar are not duplicated anymore
- Checking result count to fix crashes (fixed also on the server side)
- Better handling of returned error in xml messages
- "Please select from dropdown" in combo boxes re removed (they were unnecessary and causing problems)
- Moved to a new hosting

V3.1 (04.05.2011)
- Compilation is added to media types
- Search box accepts discogs urls and loads releases from this url
- XML changes applied for "Artist Name not shown" problem
- Various small bugfixes

V3.0 (11.12.2010)
- Track numbering facilities (force numeric/sides to disc/force disc)
- Save options button added (now you don't have to revert every change made back)
- Option to use only year part of the discogs date
- Option to save smaller (150px) album art image
- Option to save full artist name as album artist
- Genre and Style is merged as one option
- Html encoded characters are converted
- Htm encode function is added to fix search/filter errors
- Consecutive spaces are packed into one space (in results)
- Layout is improved, smaller spacings are used to save space, options column is added...
- Version string is added

V2.9 (31.12.2009)
- Don't use ANV support
- International character set support is added by coding a new RFC 3986 compliant URLEncode (UTF8 - percent encoding) function
- Showing XML error messages, if any
- Album art of previously loaded release was being loaded if there is no image on the release. Fixed.
- Fixed a format text bug
- Filters on error pages now works

V2.8 (16.12.2009)
- Quick search alternatives are improved (no duplicates, all tracks are used...)
- Format can be saved into Custom 4
- Images of a release can be accessed by clicking on the image (linked)
- Additional media types are added
- Postfixes of labels are also removed eg: Mylabel (2) -> Mylabel
- "Involved artist role is empty" crash fixed
- Default script options are changed (optional stuff is disabled)
- Several other small fixes & tweaks

V2.7 (26.11.2009)
- Disc Number and Track Number tagging enable/disable checkboxes are added
- Alternative searches combo box is added over filters. This combo can be used as shortcut for making new searches. Handy!
- Lyrics in global credits wasn't working (fixed)
- Written-by doesn't tag Lyricist any more
- Workaround for Discogs' searches with open parenthesis bug (and also made some cleanup in search text) (less search errors)
- Search is done by only releases (used to be releases artists, labels all together) (improved search results)
- Maximum tracks per album is increased to 1000

V2.6 (12.11.2009)
- Added composer and conductor support with enable/disable checkboxes on result page
- Added composer, conductor, lyricist and involved people viewing (under each track)
- Fixed mapping of composer, conductor, lyricist and involved people according to discogs credits guidelines and credits definitions
- Now, album credits are also used for preparing tracks' composer, conductor, lyricist and involved people
- Known issue #1: combined credits might yield errors (eg. Written By and Produced By ?)
- Known issue #2: credits with track ranges are not processed (eg: tracks 2 to 5 ?)

V2.5 (05.11.2009)
- Saving into "Original Date" tag is added
- Saving of "Lyricist" is separated from "Involved People" (Written By and Written-By)
- Saving "Involved People" and "Lyricist" can be disabled by checkbox
- Artist Name Variations (ANV) is also used in "Track Artist" and "Involved People" (if exists)
- Duration is shown in result page

V2.4 (30.10.2009)
- Maximum tracks for an album is increased to 200 (from 100)
- Select/deselect all checkbox is added

Good luck & happy tagging!

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.4

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:16 am
by dragulaas
thx for the update, the script works flawlessly. m on a tagging spree 2day :D

keep up the gud work!!

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.4

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:20 am
by Pathduck
Thanks, works like a charm (so far)!

You should write something about needing an API key, was a bit confusing at first :)
Or maybe make a global one and code that into your plugin, but I guess that opens for ppl exploiting it and getting it banned?

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.4

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:55 am
by Let
Pathduck wrote: You should write something about needing an API key, was a bit confusing at first :)
Or maybe make a global one and code that into your plugin, but I guess that opens for ppl exploiting it and getting it banned? uses this api for some reason and I think we should work their way to get this very nice service. Each api key has a limit and a global key won't work because of that limit.

You are right, it would be better add some instructions on the very first message of this thread :)

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:59 am
by Let
new version is out :)

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:16 am
by Vyper
Forgive me for being dumber than a box of rocks but how does one use this script? I got a key and installed it fine, now what? :-?

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:45 am
by nynaevelan
Autotag from web, use the Options button to select Discogs Tagger.

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.4

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:14 am
by Mizery_Made
Let wrote:Each api key has a limit and a global key won't work because of that limit.
Looking over the linked page regarding the API Key, it states that the limitations are: "API usage is limited to 5,000 requests per 24-hour period, per IP address." Doesn't this actually play to a "global key" concept? I read this to mean that one IP can make up to 5,000 requests in a day, and a second IP can make an additional 5,000 requests within the same day and so on, using the same key. The only issue that this may raise is for situations like colleges or other large networks which may share outside IP for a large network.

That is... unless I'm way off base seeing as I only skimmed the page right quick. :oops:

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:58 am
by Let
Actually you are right about the API key and it should work if the limit is over IP address (I thought it was per key). I'm not sure if discogs people care about who uses which API key. They don't even answer questions and requests about XML API :x

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:45 pm
by Mizery_Made
If wouldn't surprise me. I sometimes wonder if there's actually anyone steering that ship at times. It seems any album I look up on there has 'unverified' edits or whatnot, some of them dating back three or four years. Wouldn't surprise me if their forums and other means of support suffered the same lack of... action.

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:18 pm
by Vyper
nynaevelan wrote:Autotag from web, use the Options button to select Discogs Tagger.
That's what I thought but when I select the options this isn't listed, just all the Amazons, MusicBrainz and MusicIP ....

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:29 pm
by nynaevelan
Check to make sure the DiscogsAutoTagWeb.vbs file is in the \Scripts\ folder.

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:01 pm
by Vyper
It is. I've found that running MM as administrator makes the script show up but I shouldn't have to do that, should I?

This Windows 7 is a trip .....

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:39 pm
by nynaevelan
You should only have to do it once. I find that if I install as an admin I do not run into script problems and this problem started with Vista. Sometimes I hate M$.

Re: Discogs Tagger 2.5

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:06 am
by Let
I'm using Windows 7 (with a user in administrators group) without any hassle.