Squeezebox to MM3 integration (ratings)

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Squeezebox to MM3 integration (ratings)

Post by bloomer » Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:38 am

It seems there have been a few attempts (here by Volition, and elsewhere) at getting ratings data from SqueezeboxServer(formerly Squeezecenter/Slimserver) into MM, but both seem to have petered out.

Can anyone tell me what workarounds they have in place? I am running Erland's CustomScan and TrackStat plugins with SqueezeboxServer, but I don't know how best to use the exportable data from that into a form which would be useful in MM (I don't mind convoluted solutions, just a bit allergic to scripts!).

Or could there be an intermediate solution like importing the data into, say mp3tag and updating tags from there?