How to create my own custom fields?

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How to create my own custom fields?

Post by Big_Berny »

Hello MediaMonkeys,
I need some help! Could someone explain me how I can create my own fields in the database? I need this for my AlbumVolume script because I want to backup the "default" values.

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Post by trixmoto »

Well this would involve adding the column in the database, which is highly unrecommended for stability reasons, and presumably has to be done manually using Access (or similar). Then you'd have to use SQL to read/write from the column, SQL certainly not being one of my forte's. :-?

Surely you just use one of the custom fields. If someone is using the custom field you choose, all they have to do is a global replace from "Custom1" to "Custom3" (or whatever) to use whatever field they want?
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