Auto-Tag Script for 'Metal Listeners'

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Auto-Tag Script for 'Metal Listeners'

Post by Demonduskk »

This post is like my last hope..
I did an extensive research in this MM Forum which is very vast with loads of talented people & their skills, still im not able to get just that what i need.

I have almost 50+Gb of metal music in my MM, as you all can imagine the pain in the ass to tag & edit 'Each' of them MANUALLY, i just wish(yes, like a child..this is kind of a dream to me :p) that someone make a Auto-Tagging Script which should use Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives
this is like the Mecca of all metal music!
A guy named Zeke129 in 2009! posted the same kind of request in the post Tagging help (Search Sites), but sadly it was not replied..

I read some trixmoto' replies for how Apple changes the system for making auto-tag script for iTunes Store
also to get lyrics for metal songs its very difficult as only few sites totally have the lyrics Dark Lyrics - metal lyrics archive I tried ACDias lyric Fetcher, but couldn't run it..

I don't know this might be the thing i should be asking but i want all the scripters to atleast look at this post & give their comments re whether this idea is feasible, things required etc etc.. as im Totally noob & new to this area.. :wink:

Hope to get some constructive Replies very soon.......>>
stay (sic) \m/
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Re: Auto-Tag Script for 'Metal Listeners'

Post by rovingcowboy »

I know some scripts were stopped by some sites from getting data because they copyrighted the data and charged for it, so if your site does that then your not going to get any script to work unles the site makes it then they will charge for the script it would be best to check and see if they would allow it to be done for free, and then ask the script author of your choice if they could do it. 8)
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