Songs linked to wrong files

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Songs linked to wrong files

Post by kspanks04 »

I think this happened when I moved my stuff to a new hard drive, but I have a large and random selection of songs that are linked to the wrong file. I think I lost some songs and instead of removing them they got linked to other songs with the same track length (I"m guessing here). I want to retain the metadata so when I come across them, I re download the songs and just use the copy paste metadata script to restore play counts, etc.

I'm wondering if there is a script or a way to search for all songs that have incorrect links so I can sort this out. My library is too big to do this manually. Any ideas?
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Re: Songs linked to wrong files

Post by Lowlander »

You likely used File > Locate Moved/Missing which can result in bad matches (if you don't verify the matches made).

I presume that Files to Edit > Unsynchronized Tags may be of help as it will show all files with tag values differing from the database values.
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