Access Library remotely (while PC is offline)

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Access Library remotely (while PC is offline)

Post by Garvinroelans »

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there's an easy to use add on with which I can access my music collection/library while my computer on which the files are saved is offline. I do not own an FTP-server. I wouldn't mind if the add on only shows the titles, artists etc of the tracks without being able to play them. Thanks in advance.

Re: Access Library remotely (while PC is offline)

Post by lvstephanie »

I think by the very term "offline" it is impossible to connect to any offline computer remotely. The computer would somehow have to be online in order to remote over to it; even a computer with FTP services would need to be online in order to use that FTP functionality. You could, however, save your collection to a portable device, like an external hard-drive, so that you can access your library from whatever computer you happen to be on. I did this with my music collection, storing both the song files as well as the portable version of MediaMonkey on an external drive so that I could work on my library / playlists on my home desktop, and then transport the drive to connect to a laptop if I wanted to play my music on-the-go.
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Re: Access Library remotely (while PC is offline)

Post by Peke »

Have you tried this:
1. Install MMW as Portable on External HDD (eg. h:\MMWPortable\)
2. Start and setup it like it was on your main PC
3. Scan all music on External HDD
4. Connect to some other PC
5. Start MediaMonkey.exe
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Re: Access Library remotely (while PC is offline)

Post by Guest »

Thanks for the replies both of you but I think that I haven't explained myself properly before. I would like to access the library from my smartphone or other computer whenever I'm away from my PC. I would imagine the addon to sync the information of the database to a server so I could search through it but not be able to actually play the files. Whenever I would like to play those tracks I would need to play them by using youtube for example. Something comparable to Monkey Server. I hope I'm making sense with whatever I'm trying to say.
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