change (add) the tray MM icon options?

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Post by DiddeLeeDoo »

Sounds a bit like the SDB.LocalizeGen will look up available words in the translation table, and translate if match found.

SDB.Localize maybe for only, and I see the translations of moods are in the Cool stuff!

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Post by Steegy »

The script has been updated:
- Added use of new LocalizeGen method for translation of moods in local language
- Improved saving of mood changes (now uses the settings (save to file or not) that are set in the options dialog)

The script requires MM 2.5.3 or newer.
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Post by streawkceur »

Hi, I've created an extended version of this Script.
I started a new topic as a better title would make it easier to find the script:
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Post by steve0 »

It depends on what you want!

Re: change (add) the tray MM icon options?

Post by Foxgirl »

I was wondering if this script is compatible with MM version 3? If so, how would I go about installing it? Thanks for any help!
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