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DiscogsCSV exports the currently selected CD in the MediaMonkey Location CD Node as a CSV file in Discogs CSV-to-Draft format. The exported CSV file can be uploaded to the Discogs CSV_to_Draft web page for import into the Discogs database. This allows you to quickly and easily submit a new release draft without going through the manual submission process.

In addition, you can concatenate all the CSV exports in the export folder into one CSV batch import file. Discogs allows up to 100 releases to be submitted in one batch.

For more information about CSV to Draft submissions, visit https://support.discogs.com/hc/en-us/ar ... V-To-Draft.

To view the CSV_to_Draft web page, go to https://www.discogs.com/release/csv_to_draft.

MediaMonkey 4+

Download URL:
http://s280013308.onlinehome.us/downloa ... SV_1.0.zip

Manual installation is required.

- Open the downloaded .zip file in a Zip utility
- Copy the DiscogsCSV folder to %appdata%\MediaMonkey\Scripts\
- Add the following entry to the Scripts.ini in the Scripts folder:

Description=Creates a CSV file in Discogs CSV-to-Draft format of the currently selected CD in MediaMonkey's Main Tree

Restart MM to use the new addon.

Before using the addon, some minor configuration is required. Open %appdata%\MediaMonkey\Scripts\DiscogsCSV\DiscogsCSV.hta in a text editor. The following variables need to be set to your preferred values:

- strExportFolder: Full path to folder where CSV exports will be saved (include trailing backslash).
- strBatchFolder: Full path to folder where the batch CSV will be saved (include trailing backslash). Must be different from the export folder.
- strBatchFilename: Your preferred batch CSV filename. Extension must be .csv.
- csvViewer: Full path of program to open and view your CSV files.

Configuration Example:
strExportFolder = "D:\Temp\Discogs_Export\"
strBatchFolder = "D:\Temp\Discogs_Export\Discogs_Batch\"
strBatchFilename = "discogs_batch.csv"
csvViewer = "%windir%\system32\notepad.exe"

Follow these steps to export disc data to a CSV file:

- Expand the Location node in the MM Music Tree
- Select the CD you would like to export (no disc needs to be in the CD drive)
- Ensure that the Song List is sorted by ascending Track Number
- Open DiscogsCSV from the MM Tools>Scripts menu
- In the DiscogsCSV window, make sure the correct CD is displayed, then click the Export button

If you want to create other exports, switch back to MM and select a new CD in the main tree. Switch back to DiscogsCSV and click the Refresh button. Then repeat the steps above.

To create a batch CSV file of all the exports in the exports folder, click the Create Batch button. If a previous batch file exists, it will be overwritten.

After you create an export or batch file, you can open its parent folder, view or edit the file, or copy the file's path to the clipboard by clicking the appropriate button. Most buttons display tooltips that explain their function.

Click the CSV to Draft button to open the CSV_to_Draft web page in your default browser. You can then upload individual export files or a batch file as a draft submission.

Additional Information:
Overview of Submission Guidelines: https://support.discogs.com/hc/en-us/ar ... r-Releases
Full Submission Guidelines: https://support.discogs.com/hc/en-us/se ... Guidelines