What are your addon Must-Haves?

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Re: What are your addon Must-Haves?

Post by drakinite »

You can also set it as a hotkey, under Playing list: Clear :slight_smile:
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Re: What are your addon Must-Haves?

Post by Lowlander »

Backup is not an Addon, but a build in function.
Viper21 wrote: Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:32 amThe whole purpose of the addon is to improve user experience by reducing the number of clicks to one.
It's only 2 clicks, but anyone can create an Addon to make this a 1 click action, which this topic is about. You can also do Ctrl+A and Delete.
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Re: What are your addon Must-Haves?

Post by dypsis »

sixtiesstereo wrote: Mon Dec 28, 2020 2:23 pm Absolutely MonkeyFlow and MonkeyRok. Both essential (as I've mentioned in other threads).
I wonder how the MonkeyRok addon for MM5 is coming along.
I'm sticking with MM4 until at least some of that functionality is added to MM5. It's too good to lose.
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Re: What are your addon Must-Haves?

Post by burgesssally787 »

The scripts I use almost daily
Song Previewer
Calculate Cover Size
Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix
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Re: What are your addon Must-Haves?

Post by richiefinger »

I haven't used MM for years until the last few weeks as I moved over to Mac.
My most used script was the "Discogs Earliest Date Look Up" script.

I know the main Discogs tagger is going to be a while but just thought I'd mention that one.
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