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DLNA player

Post by girlzdad »

I like the new DLNA player in version 4 and it does a great job of creating a Media Monkey server for view from a DLNA device. But are we able to play directly from the MM player to another DLNA device. For example, in Windows Media Player, you can right click on a playlist, album, etc. and "play to" a device. This is a great feature because then i can I can utilize shuffle, repeat, etc. from MM. It's much easier to navigate and use the MM player because it's so much more flexible.
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Re: DLNA player

Post by nohitter151 »

No, MM does not have a play to feature. (yet)
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Re: DLNA player

Post by philw »

The player is good though.

You can control it with a third party UPnP controller such as Kinsky, although Kinsky seems a but flaky with all [non Linn] UPnP players I've tried it with.

Windows Media player will do it, but comes with other baggage including lack of FLAC streaming the last time I tried it; MediaMonkey streams that no problem.

To get around the lack of control point I was just creating play lists on Media Monkey and then using my media player to pull those from Media Monkey and Play them.

Re: DLNA player

Post by Boboso »

Any idea when MM will have the DLNA player to a device ?
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Re: DLNA player

Post by Lowlander »

No, maybe 4.1, maybe not.
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