MM 4 MediaServer Ipod Sync/SendTo

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MM 4 MediaServer Ipod Sync/SendTo

Post by Joop1985 »


I just installed the new version of MM 4.
It used to take a lot of time to build my library but the new MediaServer functionality makes it pretty easy with UPNP and DLNA to directly play/see the songs on my NAS (Synology).

My problem: I have an Ipod Classic 6th 120G, and am wondering if I can sync/SendTo the files from the MediaServer instead of the Library.
Does anybody know if this is possible?
I found out that you can Copy a file to the Drive/Ipod, but i guess this is different from SendTo/Sync.


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Re: MM 4 MediaServer Ipod Sync/SendTo

Post by nohitter151 »

No, I don't think you're meant to sync through the media server. Why not just scan the files on the media server directly to add them to your library?
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