Samsung TV and MediaMonkey - UPNP

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Samsung TV and MediaMonkey - UPNP

Post by zephyr »

Hi all,

I'm reading the boards and wikis on media sharing, trying to understand what you need to stream media on your local network.

I have:

One new samsung smart tv, with wifi.
Lots of windows computers

Some questions.

1) Do I need to use Samsung Allshare ?
(This is a really unresponsive, memory hungry app that wants to index media and imitate itunes or windows media or the king, MM <3)

On the samsung TV, the Mediamonkey media sharing library is visible, but only when the Samsung allshare media server is running (it falls over, a lot... restarting MM seems to resolve).


2) I've seen mention of "Play To" but don't know if this is a reference to Windows 7 native media action handling, or MM DLNA Playback options, ie


Can someone please confirm?

That's all for now folks. thanks in advance to any savvy "samsung users" that shed any light?
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Re: Samsung TV and MediaMonkey - UPNP

Post by rovingcowboy »

I think peke and lowlander use a tv set maybe they will be here shortly.
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Re: Samsung TV and MediaMonkey - UPNP

Post by Lowlander »

Are you trying to stream MediaMonkey > TV or TV > MediaMonkey? The former just requires you to go to Media Servers on your TV (could be called DLNA too). As long as MediaMonkey is running and the Media Server (Tools > Options > Media Sharing) has been enabled you should be able to play content from your MediaMonkey Library on your TV.
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Re: Samsung TV and MediaMonkey - UPNP

Post by dtsig »

lowlander is correct (of course). I have Samsung TVs, bluray etc. All connect to MMW using upnp and they all work very well. I find the Samsung 'smart tv' menus a little wierd but just turn on dlna/upnp, accept all connections and the samsung tvs should just see them. No apps .. you are right they are a hog.
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