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Remote access help

Post by greenrev » Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:08 pm

I am trying to setup an old laptop as a media server that I can use to play my media through my receiver. What I can't figure out is how to control my media server/ player using a separate laptop or mobile device. I am not sure if I am being clear. Say computer A is my media server/player that is connected to my home stereo. Computer B is remote laptop. I want to control and play media through computer A by using computer B. I do not want to play music from A through B. Does anyone know if this is possible using MM (I am using and how do I do that? Is there an add-on i can install? Is there separate software I need to access the computer? Please help.
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Re: Remote access help

Post by Lowlander » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:05 pm

I haven't tried, but in theory you should be able to access the music on computer A using Media Servers on computer B, then use right click, Choose Player on computer B to select computer A as player.

You might be better of with something like: (iOS App).
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Re: Remote access help

Post by JP56 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:44 pm

Yes, it's quite easy to do this. I just did it myself, although I'm actually using 3 devices in my chain.

This is assuming you have a LAN network set up so that the two laptops can communicate. You could install Mediamonkey on both laptops, but it's only required to be installed on 'A', the one connected to the stereo. Laptop 'B' you will use as a remote control. This is very easy by using a small program called "MMWI" (MediaMonkey Web Interface). The program will install a web server on the host (A) computer which you can access via any web browser on the remote (B) laptop.
When you start up MM on 'A' with MMWI, it will tell you the URL to point laptop B's browser to (it's actually a subnetwork address and port., i.e. Once you've opened that page on your browser on 'B', you then have basic access to the player running on A. You can control output volume (if volume control is enabled in MM), select songs and play lists, etc, play/pause/FF/RW, essentially all the player's play and browsing functions.

The only tricky part is letting the 'B' laptop through the laptop 'A' firewall. You will have to create a firewall rule on 'A' to allow LAN access to the port that the web server is using (MMWI will tell you the port number, or you can select any available port you choose).

Instead of using a second laptop for the controller, you can actually use any device that can browse the web. Smartphones and tablets will have the same capability and functionality through their web browsers as the second laptop. The nicest thing about this approach is that the remote control device does not have to have any special app or software installed at all. Any web browser on any computer or device in your local network can access it.

In my system a laptop is connected to the audio system (with MM installed), and connects by wifi to a desktop PC which has all of the music files on it. The desktop serves to the laptop which then streams to the audio system via remote control using a smartphone or tablet.

MMWI is no longer in development, but it works fine at least under Windows XP and 7 and with MM 4.

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