DLNA Server no longer working with any of my DLNA Clients

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DLNA Server no longer working with any of my DLNA Clients

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Been a long time successful user of MM. All was well until recently. I don't know if, in the last iteration of MM, the DLNA server code was touched in some way, but now the many DLNA Clients which used to work fine with my MM Server no longer function at all, or only barely function.


MM Server Platform - Windows 10 all current on Maintenance
MM Version =
MM UPNP/DLNA is enabled as a service.

Home Network.
Mostly Ethernet / Some WIFI, but solid 802.11N signals

DLNA Clients
ONKYO Network Receiver
ROKU2 (2 separate ones)
MediaMonkey for Android on LG G3
MediaMonkey for Android on Lenovo Yoga2 Tablet

Common symptoms:
All DLNA Clients appear to be able to connect to the MM UPNP/DLNA Server and see its Library

Uncommon symptoms:
Each DLNA Client exhibits differing degrees of playability.

- ONKYO will sometimes be able to play first track, then nothing. And the DLNA player is hung at that point.
- Roku 3 will play tracks and sometimes get through the entire track, but more often about 2 minutes into the track will skip to next track.
- ROKU 2 will not play tracks in their entirety, but like the ROKU 3 will skip to next track after about 2 minutes.
- MM for Android Client on LG G3 - simply awful. Again, can see everything, but will not play at all and nearly locks up the entire device. It crashes MM if you try to press too many buttons to back out, or get back to the devices' home screen. Some diagnostic logs got automatically uploaded from those events.
- Have not tried streaming on the YOGA2 Tablet yet.

- A piece of diagnostic data here is that if I use MM for Android to connect using UPnP to the same server that the MM service runs on and use the Windows DLNA streaming service it plays without a hitch.
- An odd thing which I see within the DLNA properties from the MM Windows Client is on the UPnP/DLNA Tab it does NOT show my LG G3's home network IP address, which, according to my device is However, there is an entry shown under the MAC Address column which says "Unknown (IP: and then under the IP Address again is repeated the I do not believe I have any intruders on my home network. I checked the router in the list of devices and nothing unknown was shown. Certainly not something with that address.
- It did not make any difference but I turned off all of the Auto Conversions for the UPnP/DLNA service. I have a mix of FLAC and MP3 files on my server and all of my Clients are capable of playing these tracks natively.

I have certainly been known to have some bad configuration setting some place, but again all of this was working fine from all clients. The fact that I can play through MM for Android the Windows Streaming service while none of my clients can use the MM DLNA server seems to be telling. Thank You for any suggestions.