Setting up a Jukebox style interface in my garage

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Setting up a Jukebox style interface in my garage

Post by rad1964 » Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:37 pm

I'm fairly sure this is possible after reading up on it, however I'm not quite sure what all of my components are and what exactly I need to do to set it all up.

I have almost 50,000 mp3's on my main computer running Windows 7. I use Media Monkey on my PC. My main PC is located in my office.
I want to use something like a Surface Pro (older model or refurbished) in my garage, mounted to wall like a jukebox. It will only be used for music.
Obviously there is no "line-of-site" from my office to my garage in order for me to use wi-fi speakers.

I know I will need this build of Media Monkey on my touch screen tablet. ... kbt0?rtc=1

I was using an old laptop (in the garage) connected to an external HD that held 1/2 my music collection. Not convenient and it blue screened a lot. This old laptop was tethered to a small external amp that connects to two speakers.

In order to have a new touch screen tablet command my massive music collection over UPnP/DLNA in my garage, what do I need and what would you recommend.

What confuses me most is how does my tablet "play" the music. I know it accesses the music through the UPnP/DLNA but how would it stream actual music to my speakers? I don't think tablets have all the audio outs a laptop has.

Also I understand there used to be issues with media monkey going to sleep and stopping playback after a song ends, has that been remedied?
What other short comings would the MediaMonkey for windows have that the full version doesn't?

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Re: Setting up a Jukebox style interface in my garage

Post by Lowlander » Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:52 pm

That App has been depreciated and is no longer supported, there is no App for Windows anymore, just the full desktop application.

The App would output sound to the tablet, thus you'd need to connect you audio solution to the tablet.

You could use Android and MediaMonkey for Android. That would eithe provide you playbacl on the tablet or allow streaming to a Chromecast connected to your sound setup.

You can also use any DLNA App on any system (Windows/Android/iOS) you like.
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