Issue streaming FLAC files over home network

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Issue streaming FLAC files over home network

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Hi - I wonder if you can help me!

I have a small but frustrating problem streaming FLAC files (ripped from CD in Media Monkey as FLAC compression level 6) over my home network. I'm streaming them as SMB shares from a Synology NAS 218+ via the latest Sky Broadband router over Powerline Ethernet cables to an Oppo 203 blu-ray player, and occasionally a Denon 4200 receiver.

For some reason, the display on the player randomly falls out of sync with the music that's playing. The display may indicate that track 17 has started while track 16 is still playing, for example. Sometimes it's off by a few seconds, sometimes by half a song! Sometimes the display is ahead of the music, sometimes behind.

I've tried every combination of equipment to try and fix it. I've tried streaming over wi-fi (even worse!). I've tried streaming from a Windows 10 laptop (same thing). I've tried streaming from an older Sky router (same thing). And as I say I stream to both Oppo 203 and Denon 4200 and the issue is the same across both devices.

I'm at a loss to understand what's causing it and what I can do to correct/avoid it. Is it a problem with the FLAC decoding process? Could it be the software I used to do the ripping (Media Monkey)? Could it be the compression level I'm using? (level 6) My wife streams MP3s (with different software) and doesn't seem to have the same problems...

I'd be hugely grateful for any help! Thanks :)
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Re: Issue streaming FLAC files over home network

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This really sound like bandwidth problem :( Have you tried MP3s eg. tried to Convert few FLAC folders to MP3 and then stream?

Regarding Network I guess Bottleneck is somewhere on Powerline setup, even they say it is not the case usually powerline is prone to interference and you get dropped packets.

There is also simple test if you use a laptop, small switch, assign static lan IPs for both devices and Start MMW on laptop.

You should be able to stream without problems. If yes then search your bottleneck.
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