MMA under ChromeOs's Android environment

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MMA under ChromeOs's Android environment

Post by mcow »

Hi, I got a new Chromebook last November, the first time I had one with the Android environment on board. I tried then to install MMA but it wouldn't. But, I just gave it another try... and w00t! It works fantastic. Gapless playback from UPnP to a Chromecast Audio, and it's scrobbling as well.

This is fantastic! Until now, I had no good solution for playing my library from the Chromebook and out to the soundbar with the Chromecast. I had just given up and was using Tidal for everything, but Tidal won't scrobble when casting.

There are two minor aspects, which may or may not be solveable by MMA.

[1) If I don't remember to turn off Chrome's sleep-on-idle setting, it shuts down after some time (15 minutes or so) and the wi-fi gets turned off. With MMA, of course, playback also stops. (With Tidal, the CCA is getting the data from Tidal's server, so it keeps playing but the web interface gets out of sync with the playback.) I prefer this setting when I'm not playing music. If it were possible, and I don't know if it is, I'd love for MMA to disable that sleep the same way that video playback within Chrome does.

2) Android notifications get shown on the Chrome statusbar menu. MMA shows three notifications all the time: the normal Android one (black, with pause/skip/stop controls and tiny album art) and two that look like the Android lockscreen notification. I don't know why two. I'd prefer none of the lockscreen-style ones, but looking thru settings, I couldn't find a way to turn those off.

Those two things are not important, really. What's important is that my library is now playable to the room from my Chromebook!
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Re: MMA under ChromeOs's Android environment

Post by mikahawkins »

You can change the sleep time to more than 15 minutes and whether you want to see notifications or not is entirely up to you. If you don't want them just turn them off.
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