[REQ] If shows in MM5 show it in MMA

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[REQ] If shows in MM5 show it in MMA

Post by richiefinger »

I don't know if there are restrictions on the Android side but it seems pointless having fields viewable in MM5 and not having the same fields available in MMA.

Sorting by: Any field that is sortable in MM5
Showing Conductor, Initial Key, BPM, etc in MMA
BPM is particularly handy for exercise as well as mixing.
Sorting by Year seems to be a massive miss as its already in the fields on MMA
Sorting by FileType so you can play just High quality or Low Quality Files
If it works on MM5 make it work on MMA please :)
I've seen this in Poweramp and other apps so it is possible.

Also auto playlists on MMA

With the size of SD cards available now (and always increasing) small to medium size librarys even in FLAC can be synced to your phone / portable media player.
The Library that I use MM5/MMA for has 16000 tracks in FLAC and that can fit on a 512GB card with space left over.
The ability to search , sort and access your library in the same way as MM5 is a must with a big library, after all that's the selling point of MM in the first place isn't it :)
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Re: Feature Request: If shows in MM5 show it in MMA

Post by Lowlander »

Sorting and additional tags are already planned for MMA 2.0.
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