Played/Skipped counts [#10168]

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Played/Skipped counts [#10168]

Post by PhilDG »

I'm not sure if this has already been raised but MMA does not seem to register skip counts at all.

Basically, even if I've only listened to the 1st 10 seconds of a track and then skipped to the next, it registers as a play.

Should the same rules apply to that of MMW? If you use PlayerPro, it registers skips and they can then by synced back to MMW.
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Re: Played/Skipped counts

Post by Mizery_Made »

I don't know what the developers intentions are, but as an MMW user, I expected MMA to function similarly in the area of how it counts plays and skips. However as you note, that isn't the case. Instead of having to play the whole file to be counted as a play on MMA like you do MMW, you can play mere seconds for it to read as a play instead of skip like MMW.

I would hope this changes, however I do wonder what limitations there may be due to the Android OS. Maybe some of these MMW functionalities that people are seeking from MMA aren't possible due to the different OS. Might not be as free to do things as you are with Windows.
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