New Sync Oddness

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New Sync Oddness

Post by dtsig »

MMA 106
MM 1626
Win7, current
USB connection (mtp currently)
Just booted computer

I had selected:

Tree Videos->New Videos
File->Add Rescan
Selected Video folder
It said 5 new files ...
MM status shows Generating Thumbnails ...

Why generate thumbnails for files that didn't change?

Plugged in phone to USB
Said syncing
Status said "Coping n of 34 ..."

Odd things are at this point
no files had changed on either computer or phone
Phone did not show the little sync circle spinning
This status froze at 5 and did not resume.
After approx 5 minutes I unplugged phone.
Status bar went green all the way across
after approx 1 minute the "MM has encountered an error..." came up.
Sent in report

I Shutdown MM, unplugged phone
I started MM ... everything was fine
I plugged in phone ..
it added phone to tree
Status said "Synchronizing ... "
Copying n of 41 ...

This time it complete correctly.

Since nothing had changed and there was no reason to copy anything ... i took a chance ad looked at the Music list and sorted by "Last Played". It showed songs that had played the last several days ... BUT ON THE PHONE. As I had noted in another thread the phone has not been passing any information back. It also passed back RATING .. WAHOO

Although same prog versions etc .. for some reason it appears to be working right (although it had to freeze to work :) )
Where's the db and ini stored
Reporting Bugs
Where tags are stored

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