Music on external card not recognized [#10966]

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Re: Music on external card not recognized

Post by dtsig »

<g> after having to reset so many times in the past couple of weeks it would be easy to forget to reset after the updated. here's hoping it keeps working for you
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Bug report, external SDHC card not being seen by MM app

Post by christopher.wanko »

Android beta app: -146 release on Toshiba AT105/32Gb Android 4.0.4
Windows Sync Server: portable install on Win7Pro x64

I can sync to internal storage. However, the app does not show me external storage: no ext-sdcard, no sdcard2, nothing. On this device the external sdcard is not mapped to local storage; you can generally see it as sdcard2. It is not an SD card issue as it is readable and writeable with other applications.

Any ideas? Correlate this to log ID H6K42JYPEV.
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Re: Music on external card not recognized [#10966]

Post by Guest »

I think this problem has returned. When I went to listen to music (newest version, 1.04.0146), I found that MM was ignoring my files once again. So, I manually downloaded the 1.04.0142 build again. However, my device updated MM from the Google store after a subsequent (unrealted) reboot. :-? Working with the new version (again), it seems MM is remembering to check the SD card for now. I guess I need to test some more.
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Re: Bug report, external SDHC card not being seen by MM app

Post by BigInJapan »

Is this wifi sync or USB?
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Re: Music on external card not recognized [#10966]

Post by HaloNachos117 »

Hello, I'm the guest from two posts ago (finally decided to register). To answer your question BigInJapan, I have yet to use the wifi sync. All of my music was synced either from USB, or by putting the MicroSD card inside my PC's card reader.

Also, I should mention that the issue hasn't shown its ugly face again since that post. However, I'll be keeping my eyes open.
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Re: Music on external card not recognized [#10966]

Post by nurlreed »

Any progress on this? I am on MMA on a Galaxy S4 and having the same problem as Maximus. It has nothing to do with syncing as this happens when I am 25 miles from my MMW install.

I will be listening for a period of time and all of a sudden no music. The tracks are empty. I go to settings and no library folders are selected. I reselect the folder on the sd card, it reloads and we're off and running. It happened 3 times today (no syncing).

It may have something to do with phone notifications that interrupt the playback. I have not been near the phone when it happens but it's possible that during the notification, MMA somehow loses its library folders settings and cannot resume play. Could it be the "fully charged" notification?

Any advice would be helpful.

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