Crossfade Silent Pause Issue with [#12889]

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Crossfade Silent Pause Issue with [#12889]

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Using the MMA build on an LG G3 device running Android 5.0.1 Kernel 3.4.0. Under the Audio Transitions I have that set to Crossfade (beta). It almost works perfectly. I can hear the preceding track fade out and the new one fade in, but about a second or two into the new track there is a silent pause for about a second or two, then the track resumes playing and completes normally and the behavior repeats for the next transition. I disabled the Crossfade, and used the gapless, then allowed that to go, then changed the setting back to Crossfade (beta) and the behavior returned. So, this is a repeatable behavior on demand.

I have seen in this forum that some of the crossfade issues appear to be environment specific. I can confirm this as I also tried the Crossfade with the same build of MMA on my Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 which also runs Android 5.0.1, but Kernel 3.10.20. On this device there looks to be a 3-4 second crossfade hard coded timer as I could not find any exposed setting in the UI. It crossfades perfectly though with one song fading out softly while the other fades in.

I hope you guys can figure out what it is about certain devices which makes it misbehave. It's such an elegant feature.
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Re: Crossfade Silent Pause Issue with

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I've linked your feedback to the bug tracking this issue at

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