Request - Strong Noise

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Request - Strong Noise

Post by CarlosPenteado » Sat May 04, 2019 1:20 am

Xiaomi Mi A2 Full - Android 9

I am experimenting a very strong pop noise out of the earphone jack when it is connected to an external amplifier.

It seems that the pop is produced every time the internal amplifier (build in the phone) is turned on and off at the beginning and at the end of a sequence of musics.
When there is no music playing it is also possible to hear 60 Hertz and other noises if a charger is plugged in.

Since every time the play is pushed in the app there is this loud pop and no more noises what so ever can be heard up to the end of the last music, I wonder if is it possible to keep it on full-time?

I believe you have the solution already made for the routine used in the transition between musics.

Thanks & Cheers