UPnP: playback continues after end of list

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UPnP: playback continues after end of list

Post by mcow »

There's actually two bugs here.


In MMA, opened UPnP, selected the MMW server, selected an album. Set to cast to Chromecast Audio. Tapped the first track; it started playing. But in MMA, the track list was not in album order but in alphabetical order. (bug 1) Note that the library is on a NAS.

I fixed the track order in MMA while the first track continued to play. The album played through; then, after the last song, playback continued with the alphabetically first song from the same album. (bug 2)
Stopped playback, captured debug log: JAADM13SM4. Double-checked the MMA playlist, it contained only the album tracks in album order as I had rearranged them.

After I'd captured the log, I noticed that the PC with MMW had gone to sleep (Windows 10). Not sure if it went to sleep before the playlist completed (that would be fancy, having MMW pass responsibility for the track source to the NAS) or if it went to sleep immediately after I stopped playback.