Keyboard Support, Searching Suggestions

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Keyboard Support, Searching Suggestions

Post by Stocklone »

First, I should be able to quickly jump to a given artist/album/genre in the list by typing on the keyboard. Just like the tree in MMW. I'd think I'd rather see list jump instead of filter when you type on the keyboard.

Second, however for actual searching, you need to add a search box in the upper right hand corner. That is the standard for W8.1 since absolutely nobody remembers (that is if you even know) you can search an app using the charms bar. When you use the search box, then it should search the current list so the results are presented the same way as the current list rather than jumping you to some kind of search result screen which would be disorienting. The scope should be based on the type of list you are in (ie artist, album, genre, tracks). That is very similar to how when you are on the Apps screen of 8.1, your searches only apply to the app names and then the apps are filtered. Only when you are in the home screen will the search apply to everything and only then will you actually jump to a search results list.

You could put the search box just to the left of the home button so it doesn't really get in the way. Or move everything down a little bit and have it just below the home button.

Another idea would be to have a dropdown after the searchbox that lets you pick what the search applies to such as all, track, artist, genre, etc. And you could have the app change the dropdown based on what list you are in currently so they know what they are searching/filtering and users can change it themselves if needed without having to go to a different list.

At the very least, you could do a search button onscreen that opens up the search charms bar to search MediaMonkey only but that's not anywhere near as fun visually as searching your current list and seeing the results in the same view.

Finally, why can I drag around the artist boxes with my mouse? It doesn't look I can do anything with them.

I hope you at least consider my suggestions.

I am a huge huge huge fan of the Metro design language. I would love to see the W8 app get serious support and love. I already like it better visually than the desktop app.
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Re: Keyboard Support, Searching Suggestions

Post by PetrCBR »

New version will have search button on top right corder of the app.
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